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Apothem Labs Multi CBD Skin Balm

CBD balm has always been a staple in my life but even more so recently as I've had to limit my CBD intake as a result of TTC. Whilst obviously I am not a doctor, I felt that topical CBD products were a nice compromise to my pain solutions and as such I always have one on hand for when the inevitable sciatica pain or endo belly flares up. As a result, Apothem's Multi CBD skin balm has taken a bit of a battering in my handbag lately as I've been carrying it here, there and everywhere while I've been putting it through its paces but the sturdy little pot in comes in has kept in nice and safe.

I have previously reviewed Apothem's Defence 1000mg CBD Oil Drops and was really impressed and I can say the same for their balm. I primarily used this to help manage any aforementioned pain but this doubles up as a general skin salve. I found myself using it on both my lips and my cuticles too and found it was great and helping reduce the dryness on my elbows. This all makes sense, considering the plethora of moisturising ingredients this balm contains, such as: green tea oil (an anti-oxidant), mango butter, rosehip oil and hemp seed oil.

Most importantly though, this balm contains 80mg of CBD. This is a lower amount of CBD in comparison to other CBD topicals I have tried in the past but actually it's perfect for low pain days, if you're new to using CBD or if you're looking for a multipurpose CBD product. I personally found this most effective at abating dull aches and pains before they manifested into something more serious. This was particularly effective at easing my stomach when it was swollen and dealing with any menstrual cramps that my body seemed to throw at me. All in all I really liked this balm, you could tell it was made with the highest quality ingredients and is a great all-rounder to throw in your bag for daily use.

Apothem Labs Multi CBD Skin Balm is £20 per 12g pot.

You can check out their website here, follow them on Instagram and/or Facebook.

*This post contains PR samples/gifted items, for my PR disclaimer, click here.

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