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BeYou Period Patches Review

I'm gonna come right out and say it, these patches have been a game changer for me and I know that sentiment is shared amongst those of us with gynaecological conditions as well as the wider chronic/invisible illness community.

These patches arrive in a resealable pouch and appearance wise they look like nothing more than an oversized plaster but they're so much more than that. Each packet contains 5 patches and resemble an oversized plaster but they're so much more than that. Rather than conventional pain relief patches aimed at helping ease menstrual pain, these patches are cooling/tingling rather than heating.

Once applied on the skin, the aforementioned sensation starts straight away and it does live up to the claim of lasting up to 12 hours but with any sort of pain relief patch the intensity does fade throughout it's duration. Linked to this is the fact that these patches will not budge once placed on the skin, to the point that I would highly recommend removing them when in the shower/bath unless you want to wax your lower back!

BeYou patches are made from 100% natural ingredients such as eucalyptus and menthol and the plaster is made from a naturally derived medical grade polymer blend. These patches are biodegradable and are vegan registered too! I will add that these patches do smell strong but once under your clothing the smell is masked.

I mostly use these when I'm having horrendous uterine cramping but more recently I've been using them on my back to help ease my sciatica and lower back pain. I like the flexibility of these and sometimes I'll cut a patch into two to be more precise about where I want the pain relief to be applied. In both situations the pain relief has been enough that I haven't had to use over the counter painkillers.

I swear by these patches and don't think I could do without them now. They're versatile and can be applied night and day, at work or at home and are so discreet that you don't even notice them. I have a packets of them everywhere!

BeYou Period Patches are £7.99 per pack or £5.99 with a monthly subscription.

You can check out their website here and/or follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or on Youtube.

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