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Buds Life CBD Patches Review

How and when you take CBD is a completely personal experience and I definitely think that patches are a great method for taking CBD, especially if you're forgetful like me! The biggest benefit of using CBD patches as opposed to vaping, using a tincture or edibles is that they provide a measured dose over a set period of time. This means that your body has a constant supply as a opposed to going through peaks and throughs.

You may remember that I reviewed Huna's CBD Derma Patches a few weeks ago and gave a more in-depth description as to how CBD patches actually work so if you're after the science side of things, head there first!

Buds Life's patches are small, discreet and really easy to forget about (but in a good way!). Each patch contains 16.7mg of CBD but they are also available in 32mg and 50mg. The instructions state that they can be placed anywhere on the body but for optimum results they do recommend placing these on your hips, inner wrist, upper chest or inner arm... I did the latter as it made sense to place them relatively close to where my pain radiates from. I actually placed 2 on at a time (so one on each hip) and found that was enough for me.

The information on Buds Life's website suggests that the patches take about 20 minutes to kick in, I found it to be more towards 30 minutes but I definitely did notice a difference straight away once they kicked in. I used these when my sciatic nerve was incredibly inflamed and was radiating pain down my hips into my legs. Whilst these didn't remove my pain entirely, my radiating pain did stop and my back pain was reduced to being tolerable. However, I am used to a stronger daily dose of CBD and I'm pretty certain that if I had been using the higher strength patches that my pain would have completely dissipated.

What I also liked about these patches is how easy it was to remove them, to the point where at the end of the day I didn't need to jump in the shower to peel them off. I also had no issues with them staying on and they didn't leave a sticky residue behind either. I think these would be a particularly great addition to my emergency flare kit or if I was to go on holiday but I would definitely use these again the future because they're so quick and easy to use without bringing any attention to yourself.

Buds Life 16mg CBD Patches are £14.99 per box of 16.

You can check out their website here, follow them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

*This post contains PR samples/gifted items, for my PR disclaimer, click here.

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