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CannaCares 20mg CBD Patches Review

These patches are like the daddy of all patches. Seriously, these have to be the biggest CBD patches I've ever had the opportunity to try. Like, don't get me wrong, they're not massive but you do need to think carefully about where you place them if you're not keen about them being on show. That being said, CannaCares suggest that you apply these to an area where the skin is thinner and the veins are closer to the surface such as your inner arm or your ankle.

Humans are nosey by nature so to avoid prying questions, I placed these on my hip. Plus a lot of my pain is centred in my pelvic region so I figured it wouldn't hurt to have them placed to the source of all the evil in my body. These look like a plaster and are incredibly sticky. However, you'll be pleased to hear that I didn't end up giving myself an impromptu wax, the stickiness of these is more like the adhesive used on medical pads rather than superglue and when I peeled them off, there was no residue.

As with all CBD patches, the biggest benefit is the fact that they slow release the CBD over a set period of time. CannaCares' patches work over a 24 hour period and I would definitely agree that I felt the benefits over that time frame. What worked best for me was to apply one before I went to sleep as I felt it gave me a boost that made waking up was easier. These patches also significantly reduced my general aches and pains

CannaCares 20mg CBD Patches are £9.99 for 2 patches or £40 for 10 patches.

They are also available in 10mg and are £9.99 for 4 patches, £40 for 20 patches or £60 for 32 patches.

You can check out their website here or follow them on Instagram.

*This post contains PR samples/gifted items, for my PR disclaimer, click here.


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