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CBD Sanctuary CBD Gummies Review

Gummies are something that I've come to reach for a lot over the last few months, especially when I'm on the go, at work or when it's not suitable to use a tincture or vape. However, sometimes CBD gummies can taste vile or they don't have a high enough concentration of CBD within them, rendering them as nothing more than a sweet. As a result I genuinely I always enjoy trying CBD gummies just because they vary so much in flavour and texture!

The thing I like the most about CBD gummies is that they allow me the flexibility to have one or two throughout the day without it being obvious (I know this sounds suspicious but hear me out!) or drawing attention to myself in the same way that vaping or even using an oil would. Whilst trying these gummies I used them on the go and kept them in my handbag as well as on my desk at work; this was particularly useful on days when I felt I needed a boost a I could discretely chomp on one and those around me were none the wiser.

Going back to my aforementioned point about taste and texture, CBD Sanctuary's gummies are incredibly similar in shape, size and texture to American hard gums, just minus the sugar coating. I also really liked that on their website they specified what the flavours were (strawberry, orange, lemon, lime and blackcurrant) meaning there were no unexpected random flavour surprises. Most importantly though, CBD Sanctuary's gummies contain 30mg of CBD per gummy and are made using natural flavours and colours, meaning there wasn't any artificial or plastic aftertaste. In fact, there wasn't even a hemp aftertaste either which always pleases me!

The recommendation is to have 1-2 gummies per day and to have an empty stomach which suited me fine and actually helped me start my day on the right foot as I would feel the benefits by the time I arrived at work half an hour later. Furthermore, these gummies were a lifesaver at helping to keep my anxiety under control during a ridiculously stressful time at work. Situations that would usually affect me didn't and I also found that I slept better at night as I wasn't fretting over what had happened during the day. And more sleep equals less pain for me, so that was a lovely response too.

CBD Sanctuary gummies are currently £22.95 for a pot of 30 but a 10 gummy tester pot is available for £5.95.

You can check our their website here, follow them on Instagram, and/or Facebook.

*This post contains PR samples/gifted items, for my PR disclaimer, click here.

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