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Fasham's CBD Vegan Gummy Bears Review

CBD gummies are quickly becoming a popular option when it comes to taking CBD, with more and more varieties entering the market. This isn't the first of Fasham's gummy range that I've tried (see my review on their apple gummy rings here) and given that I was impressed with what I'd already tried, I had high hopes for their gummy bears.

Now, as you've probably gathered from the title of this post, Fasham's gummy bears are vegan and whilst this is an incredibly important feature of these sweets, I will still primarily review them from a CBD standpoint and the impact of that upon my mind and body.

That being said, these gummy bears are delicious and I loved the variety of flavours. Being vegan, these don't contain gelatin - which is what usually gives sweets the traditional gummy texture - but Fasham's have managed to get that satisfying chew into their bears. Each one contains 30mg of CBD and Fasham's recommend taking no more than 200mg a day (6-7 gummy bears).

I actually ended up keeping these in my car so I could have a few on my journey home; I would usually have 2 at a time, equalling 60mg of CBD. These took around an hour for me to feel the benefits and I noticed that they primarily helped to reduce my stress levels and ease any tension I was holding in my neck after being on my feet all day. These gummy bears had a slight hemp after-taste but like Fasham's apple gummy rings, this was easy to wash away with a drink.

I did like these gummies but I definitely preferred their gummy apple rings but I might be biased as I love apple flavoured things... These are a great option for vegan CBD users and are small enough that you can tuck them away in your bag or the glovebox in your car should you ever need a CBD boost whilst on the go.

The lovelies at Fasham's have also given me a 10% off code which is valid until the end of 2020! Simply enter: ENDO10 at the checkout.

Fasham's CBD Vegan Gummy Bears come in pouches of 25 and are £25 for 30mg strength and £15 for 10mg strength.

You can check out their website here or follow them on Instagram and/or Facebook.

*This post contains PR samples/gifted items, for my PR disclaimer, click here.

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