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Green Valley Organics 1000mg CBD Oil Review

I always love trying new CBD brands, especially one which is completely new to the market. A huge part of Green Valley's ethos is about being eco-conscious and that their product can be traced back to seed which I really like. Often companies (generally speaking) are all about the profit and as a result use cheap un-environmentally friendly packaging. So Green Valley immediately get bonus points for not only using easily recyclable packaging but also making this clear to the customer.

Currently Green Valley has a 500mg and a 1000mg full spectrum CBD oil on offer; I was gifted the latter to try. Each drop contains approximately 5.4mg of CBD and when I started using this oil I found I needed to take a slightly higher dose to deal with the evil flares my endometriosis was burdening me with. As a result, I was taking 5-6 drops twice a day which is approximately 54-64.8mg of CBD.

I'm not a huge fan of the taste of hemp but Green Valley's oil is really subtle and has an underlying sweetness which I liked. The subtle flavour also meant that it went undetected when I added it to my morning green tea and there was no funky aftertaste regardless of whether I had it on its own or added it to a drink.

As aforementioned, I started using this oil when my endometriosis pain levels were higher than usual and also when I had a bout of irritable bowel flare ups too (so much fun). I found that it definitely helped reduce my bloating and the associated pain as well as helping me feel better overall. I'll also add that I was taking this in the run up in return to work and whilst I would usually find myself incredibly anxious, I found that I was able to deal with my emotions in a more constructive way without having an utter meltdown.

Overall I really liked the neutrality of this oil; it's subtle taste means it can easily be added to any drink and I didn't have difficulty integrating it into my routine as a result. It's another great all rounder.

Green Valley Organics 1000mg CBD Oil is £48.99 for 10ml.

You can check out their website here or follow them on Instagram.

*This post contains PR samples/gifted items, for my PR disclaimer click here.

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