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Huna CBD Derma Patches 15mg Review

I was fortunate enough to talk to Huna as part of an online CBD expo (thanks COVID) and after talking about how my endometriosis effects my physical and mental health, I was recommended to try Huna's CBD patches which the company generously gifted to me.

Now I knew that CBD patches are a thing but they are definitely not as common as CBD tinctures or topical products which are my main go to products when having an endometriosis flare. Needless to say, I was really excited to try Huna's out and of course did a bit of research (I'm a teacher, I can't help myself!) to understand better how CBD patches actually work.

CBD patches work in a similar way to contraceptive and nicotine patches and slowly release CBD into your body over a period of time. In the case of these Huna's patches, this is 15mg of CBD over a 12 hour period but they also have a 10mg patch available.

How does this happen? Well, it's kinda an osmosis sort of situation, which is a word I haven't heard since doing my Science GCSEs over a decade ago. Essentially, when you put a CBD patch on, the CBD molecules want to move from being in the higher concentration of the patch into the lower concentration of our skin (Ledger, 2020). As a result the CBD is able to enter your system quickly because it bypasses your digestive system and your liver.

What I will say is that these babies stick. Like, reaaaaaally stick and I love that. Huna's patches have definitely hit the nail on the head with the adhesive they use so I can very honestly say that once I slapped one of these on, I didn't have to worry about it peeling off. Don't panic though, they come off super easy in the shower/bath or with baby wipes and a little elbow grease.

I used one patch at a time but would use two over a twenty four hour period, so 30mg in total. I loved that I could put one of these on and receive a measured, constant dose throughout the day. Whilst you can place these anywhere, I found them most effective when I stuck them on my lower back as that's where the majority of my pain settles. When using these I found my pain to be much more manageable and that any back and uterus spasms were minimal. I'll also say that I felt a lot calmer and that my premenstrual syndrome wasn't as horrible as I've known it to be in the last few months which was a lovely bonus!

For anyone who isn't a fan of ingesting CBD in any shape or form or perhaps struggles with dosing, these patches are a definite winner. I like the convenience of these and actually think they'd be a great option to pop in your bag; I'm definitely adding these to my emergency flare kit.

Huna CBD Derma Patches 15mg are £54.95 per box of 30.

You can check out their website here, follow them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

*This post contains PR samples/gifted items, for my PR disclaimer, click here.



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