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Infused Amphora INSPIRE 6000mg CBD Oil Review

Straight off the bat, I knew this oil was gonna be something to behold. Why? Well in all honesty, I've never tried a CBD oil which such a high concentration of CBD within it. Standard bottles are usually between 300mg to 1000mg in total; Infused Amphora's new range of oils are a whopping 6000mg of CBD!

Now, back in the days before I was a regular user of CBD, I would be put off by higher strengths of CBD because of their accompanying price tag but actually whilst the initial cost is usually higher, they're much more cost effective as you need to use less. However, that being said, 6000mg of CBD is somewhat jaw dropping, especially since it's only £99.99 per bottle (I say only but I appreciate it's still a large sum). If you were to take a full pipette at a time, that would equal 200mg of CBD, compare this to a 300mg/10ml bottle which on average retails at £40 to £50 and you have to take a full 1ml to take 30mg of CBD you can see why it's better value to go with a higher strength.

Bearing that in mind, Infused Amphora sensibly recommend not exceeding 70mg a day which equates to a third of a pipette. Wanting to be thorough, I worked out each pipette approximately contained 24 drops and from there worked out that each drop contains around 8.5 to 9mg of CBD. Even though maths has never been my strong point, I impressed myself by working this out. With that in mind, I took approximately 16-18mg of this oil in the morning and the same again in the evening before bed. Infused Amphora uses 99% pure CBD extract, sourced from 100% organically grown hemp and include plant sourced terpenes so you get all the goodness of the plant, which brings me to my next point...

Just like their vape cartridges, Infused Amphora's has four variations of their CBD oil dependant on your needs. Having previously tried and liked their MEND range, I decided to go for the INSPIRE version which is aimed at helping you feel uplifted and creative. Did I feel this when using this oil? Actually I did. I can be quite miserable at times (especially in the morning) but when using this oil I woke up feeling refreshed and genuinely quite positive. The oil itself has a lemony, citrus taste to it which I much prefer to the usual hemp taste of a CBD oil and said taste dissipated quickly which I also prefer.

When using this oil I also found I slept better and wasn't as restless and it definitely kept my sciatica pain in check. Furthermore, over the last few weeks my uterus has been trying to force a period and this oil kept the usual cramps and menstrual pain at bay as well as reducing the intensity of my uterine and back spasms which considering how volatile my reproductive organs can be, is no easy feat.

Infused Amphora INSPIRE Oil is £99 for 30ml.

You can check out their website here, follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or on YouTube.

*This post contains PR samples/gifted items, for my PR disclaimer, click here.


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