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Medi Vita Intimate CBD Lubricant Review

Given how large the world of CBD is, CBD lubes aren't all that common but slowly more and more products are entering the market. I'm only aware of a few other brands of CBD lube and most of them aren't available in the UK without having to pay for the usually extortionate import tax.

For me, using lube is vital for both penetrative sex and when using dilators as part of my treatment for my vaginismus. Whilst I only usually use CBD lube for the former of the two, I used Medi Vita's lube in both situations to see what impact it had on my body and if it helped my pain.

This lube comes in a pump bottle and contains 250mg of CBD so immediately I knew it was going to actually make a difference (for comparison, most CBD muscle rub products contain 300mg of CBD) rather than just being a gimmick. Like most CBD lubes, it is recommended that you apply it 10-15 minutes prior to whatever activities you have planned to get the full benefits from it.

The formula is oil based and includes a blend of coconut, jojoba and essential oils which means it's incredibly moisturising (reminder: oil based lubes can make latex/condoms disintegrate). However, I will say that the consistency of this lube is quite thick; I ended up sitting the bottle in a jug of hot water before use but I didn't find it that much of an issue. In itself, the packaging is high quality and I loved that it had a pump applicator plus a little of this goes a long way! One pump was more than sufficient when I used it for both my dilatory therapy and penetrative sex.

Once warm, this lube has a great texture to it. It isn't too thick but also doesn't drip everywhere and there was never any need for re-application. The benefits of the CBD kicked in around 10 minutes after the first application; I found it to be warming/pleasantly tingly on my labia, my vaginal muscles weren't as tense and I didn't feel as tender vaginally afterwards.

Would I use it again? Absolutely. I'm a huge advocate of using CBD lube as it's made such a difference to my sexual wellbeing and intimate health and Medi Vita's definitely ticks all the boxes for me. Plus in comparison with other CBD lube brands I've used in the past, you get a lot more product at a lower price point and as I said before, a little of this lube goes a long way.

Medi Vita Intimate CBD Lubricant is £32 for 50ml.

You can check out their website here and/or follow them on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

*This post contains PR samples/gifted items, for my PR disclaimer, click here.

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