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Ohne High Waist Period Pants Review

Removing the Mirena IUD was a necessary evil that I went through last year and it's been quite the rollercoaster since. I've only had one natural period since October but it still gave me ample opportunity to try out (vigorously, I might add!) what is Ohne's newest addition to their menstrual health products.

A UK brand, Ohne's ethos is to deliver - and I quote - bullsh*t free organic period products and all-natural cycle care for bleeding babes and if that doesn't scream empowerment for those who menstruate, I don't know what does. In short, I love it. That and they pride themselves on being a company that is shame-free and create products that are toxic-free and plastic-free (so no pesticides or synthetic ingredients) which is welcome news to my incredibly angry uterus and vagina. I have previously tried their organic tampons and was impressed, so I was so excited to try their period pants and see how they worked for me and my unpredictable cycle.

I will admit at this point that my experience with period pants is fairly limited; I've tried a brand or two in the past which have been for the most part fine but I had yet to discover a brand that I could consider my holy grail.

I was kindly given the choice of what pants I could be sent to try as they're available in two different fits: bikini or high waist. Due to where my laparoscopy scars are, I much prefer high waisted underwear to avoid them being aggravated so that was my choice. They come in four different colours which are all equally cute and I went bold with the papaya orange - you definitely won't lose them - and have sizes XS to 3XL. Linked to my aforementioned point about their ethos, these period pants are entirely vegan and made from 92% natural sources and 8% elastane.

However, what's really exciting is the structure of the gusset in this underwear which is what makes them - in my opinion - so effective. The first layer which is the one your skin touches is made of an anti-bacterial and moisture wicking material that keeps you feeling comfortable and dry. The second layer is the absorbency layer where up to 15ml (or two whole tampons worth of blood) is absorbed to and the third layer is made of waterproof, leak-proof polyurethane laminate (pul) which stops well, any leaks.

Now, this is all great but you're probably wondering if they actually work. The short answer is yes, they do! The long answer is obviously also yes but more detailed.

For context, pre-laparoscopy, my periods were absolutely horrendous. Post Mirena IUD removal, they're still horrendous just not as debilitating. At my heaviest, I will soak through a super tampon in about 2-4 hours so this underwear was up against it in terms of the amount of liquid needing to be absorbed but they succeeded and they did a bloody (bad pun, I know!) good job of it too. At no point did I feel that I was going to leak and there was none of that uncomfortable damp sensation that I've felt in the past with previous period pants. I actually found myself rewashing these just to ensure I had them throughout the entirety of my cycle.

They're comfortable, soft, sit nicely under clothing and do what they're supposed to! No leaks, no sagging, no feeling like you're wearing a nappy. Will I be reusing them? One hundred percent. Whilst I prefer to use tampons during the day, these will be my night-time go-to when I'm menstruating and I'll be purchasing a few more pairs so I can wear them as an extra precaution during the day.

These have become my current holy grail period pants. Seriously. I love them. So much that I've actually worn them when I've not been on my period because of how accommodating they are when I'm bloated as hell. I love them.

Ohne high waist period pants are £29 per pair and are available in papaya, peach fizz, lilac sky and midnight black.

You can check our their website here, follow them on Instagram, and/or Facebook. *This post contains PR samples/gifted items, for my PR disclaimer, click here.

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