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Pure 100 500mg CBD Oil Spray Review

I've been incredibly fortunate that throughout my endometriosis and CBD journey that I've been able to connect with some amazing individuals and the lovelies at Pure 100 CBD are one of those connections.

Born from wanting to overcome the lack of safe and compliant CBD products available on the market, Pure 100 are currently (at the time of writing) the only UK based company to have assured advice from Trading Standards, liability insurance and is supported by the UK’s first CBD Novel Food application, which is a pretty big deal. Plus, they include a QR code on their packaging which means you can trace the product from being harvested through to it being packaged.

Pure 100 CBD is currently available in 500mg and 1500mg strengths and uses coconut MCT as the carrier oil. The spray bottle allows for precise dosing; I was gifted the 500mg strength meaning each spray contained around 7mg of CBD. Pure 100 recommend taking no more than 70mg so I split my dosage to take 35mg (5 sprays) in the morning and again in the evening; please bear in mind that I am used to taking a higher dosage of CBD, hence me taking the maximum amount.

This oil is unflavoured and left only a slight hemp aftertaste. This was subtle enough that I didn't feel the need to have to wash it down with a glass of water and it didn't linger either.

The main thing I noticed when taking this oil was the improvement it had on my mental health; my anxiety levels have been through the roof since my return to work following my laparoscopy and this oil had me feeling noticeably calmer even when the pressure ramped up.

Additionally, this oil also helped to reduce the general aches and pains I would usually have after a day at work and as a result I was less mentally and physically exhausted which in turned helped me sleep better through the night.

Any questions and queries I had about this oil were answered quickly and thoroughly and I think it's worth nothing that all of the customer support team are qualified healthcare practitioners and/or exercise specialists. They really went above and beyond to recommend exercises and offer support to help me with my endometriosis to the point where they took the time to send me research papers. Which, y'know, is pretty bloody impressive and incredibly appreciated.

Pure 100 500mg CBD Oil Spray is £39.99 for 10ml.

You can check out their website here and/or follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

*This post contains PR samples/gifted items, for my PR disclaimer, click here.

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