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Shake CBD Moisturising CBD Epsom Salts Review

I had the pleasure of reviewing Shake CBD's 500mg Oil when they first launched in August and was incredibly impressed with the formula and therefore had high hopes upon their introduction of CBD salts to their product line-up.

These salts are housed in old fashioned glass milk bottles and are full to the brim! When you take the cap off you're hit with a welcoming scent of sweet orange and lavender which even just by smelling brought my stress levels down. The only slight issue with this packaging is that if any moisture gets into the bottle, the salts clump and it makes it difficult for them to pour out. However, I found that filling the bottle slightly with water overcame this problem and therefore it's not a big deal but one mentioning nonetheless.

Each bottle contains 100mg of CBD but you can easily get two 50mg CBD baths if that's what you'd prefer. Wanting to get the maximum benefit from the CBD, I decided on the former and tipped the whole bottle into my bath. Other notable ingredients include sweet almond oil, lavender, bergamot and sweet orange essential oils and lavender, jasmine and thyme which are known to reduce stress levels and help to relax.

I used these salts after a particularly stressful day and I had a lot of tension in my neck, shoulders and upper back as well as some residual nerve pain in my hips from the day before. Within ten minutes of getting in, I noticed a significant decrease in the tension held in my shoulders and after twenty minutes the pressure in my hips had disappeared.

The effects of the bath lasted for roughly two hours but even then my pain didn't return to the same levels as prior to bathing. Additionally I also noticed that my skin was soft and moisturised which I attribute to the sweet almond oil and I also I slept better and for longer which allowed me to wake up feeling well rested and relatively pain free. Whilst it didn't last, it was nice to wake up feeling ready for the day rather than in agony!

UPDATE: Shake CBD have since updated their packaging following feedback. In response I have updated the graphic used in this post. By using a resealable, recyclable bag, you can easily pour these bath salts without waste or them getting stuck.

Shake CBD Moisturising CBD Epsom Salts are £19.99 for 2 x 200g (2 x 100mg CBD) bottles.

You can check out their website here or follow them on Instagram.

*This post contains PR samples/gifted items, for my PR disclaimer, click here.

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