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Sixth Scent Fifty Drops of Grey 500mg CBD Oil Review

First of all, this company has the best names for their products. I love a good pun and the names of Sixth Scent's CBD oils are witty but also tell you what the oil is tailored for. If you hadn't guessed by the title of this review, I specifically chose to try the Fifty Drops of Grey Oil because my volatile reproductive organs need all the help that they can get.

Each of the Sixth Scent's formulas contain a variety of terpenes tailored to a range of needs; this oil contains Caryophyllene, Limonene and Linalool and these are known for their calming, relaxing and euphoric effects. All are great at supporting and improving sexy times which for me with a cornucopia of reproductive and intimate health is a big win but I'll go into more detail about that later.

This oil is THC free and contains 500mg of CBD and a whopping 8700mg of the aforementioned terpenes. Sixth Scent recommends taking the oil twice a day, each half a pipette is 25mg of CBD and I took a serving once in the morning and again in the evening, totalling 50mg. At this point I know that CBD helps ease my endometriosis flares and the associated pain connected to that so I was more interested on the effect this oil had on my mental health and mood.

So, regarding sexy times and helping my endometriosis pain, vaginismus and vulvodynia, yes, this oil definitely helped. Part of the issue is that my body anticipates penetrative sex hurting and as a result I involuntarily tense, resulting in pain and tearing. Within half an hour of taking this oil I found that I felt less tense, more relaxed and as a result, was able to enjoy having sex a hell of a lot more as I wasn't as worried about it hurting, plus it definitely heightened my sensations which was a lovely bonus. In addition, it also meant that I had no soreness afterwards, woo-hoo!

If you're after a CBD to keep you calm and/or elevate your sexual health then I would definitely give this a try, I was definitely impressed!

Sixth Scent Fifty Drops of Grey CBD 500mg Oil is £29.99 for 10ml.

You can check out their website here, follow them on Instagram and/or Facebook.

*This post contains PR samples/gifted items, for my PR disclaimer, click here.

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