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V&You &Calm 400mg CBD Oil Review

V&You are a company that I've been following for awhile on Instagram because their jazzy and colourful branding always seems to catch my eye and I'm a sucker for interesting packaging. Short for vibe and you, each of their products is specifically tailored to help you find calm, chill out, focus or to boost your mood.

Given the way that 2021 has started (and looks set to continue), I definitely need more calm in my life. V&You kindly gave me two 400mg options to try in this range: citrus (spray) and berry (drops). All the products in the 400mg range are broad spectrum and use a coconut MCT carrier oil. Broad spectrum means you get the additional terpenes and compounds from the plant, which I go into more detail about in this post.

Let me just say, both of these flavours taste great. I've always been weary of flavoured CBDs but these do not disappoint at all. There's no funky artificialness or sweetness to them, completely masks the hemp and doesn't leave an aftertaste either. Consider me impressed.

Now, the other thing I should mention is that the majority of V&You's flavoured 400mg products are available in both a dropper and spray option. I used the citrus flavour with a spray and found this really useful for when I was on the go as it quick and easy to get a measured dose with no worry of spilling it, I found that three sprays with each dose was sufficient for me.

The berry oil with a dropper became my go to for when I was home, specifically before I went to bed. Each 1ml of this oil contains 40mg of CBD and the dropper has a handy ml scale on it so you can be precise with your dosing. A full dropper works out at around 26mg of CBD; if I hadn't used the citrus spray I would have spread 3 doses throughout my day, if I had used the citrus spray I would only have 2. Overall I was taking approximately 70-75mg of CBD a day.

This CBD oil definitely helped reduce my anxiety which I've really been suffering with lately due to all the madness going on in the world. Over the Christmas break I also had a horrific sciatica flare up which triggered some intense uterine cramps as a consequence. Within half an hour of using these oils I found that it was enough to dull said pain to a dull ache. With less pain and an improved mood, I found that I was getting a better night's sleep as I wasn't as restless or waking up as much.

V&You's Calm 400mg range is available in berry, citrus, mint and natural flavours and are £9.99 for 10ml or £19.99 for 30ml.

You can check out their website here, follow them on Instagram and/or Facebook.

*This post contains PR samples/gifted items, for my PR disclaimer, click here.

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