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Voice Of Nature CBD Nature Miracle Face Oil Review

I'll readily admit that I'm a skincare junkie. Once upon a time my love was make up but especially as I've gotten older my attention has switched to skincare and good quality skincare at that. I received this oil from the lovely folks at Voice of Nature as a complete an utter surprise as part of their new 'Hemp Experience' set and I love it that much that I think it's worthy of its very own review. Which is really saying something as I'm not usually a fan of facial oils and have a set of staples that I find very hard to deviate from because I'm so loyal to them.

So if you haven't already guessed, I friggin' love this oil.

Personally I've found that my skin reacts better to products that have minimal ingredients and this oil falls into that category. Jojoba oil, rose hip oil, CBD, geranium and orange essential oils are all it contains. Jojoba and rose hip oil are known to be anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, to be able to repair the skin barrier and to slow skin ageing (Lin, Zhong & Santiago, 2018). CBD/hemp oil is also known to be an anti-inflammatory as well as being soothing to skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus and roseacea (Tabassum & Hamdani, 2014).

This oil smells absolutely amazing and whilst essential oils have the potential to be aggravating if you have sensitive skin like me, I didn't find that an issue with this oil at all.

Also, it smells, so so good.

The texture is light, absorbs into the skin without leaving a greasy film and a little goes a long way. I particularly liked how easy it was to spread over my skin and that fact that it didn't leave any residue whatsoever. For the most part I used this at night time as whilst it didn't take too long to sink in, my time in the morning is limited and I wanted to make sure my skin got the full benefit from it rather than it being rushed and diluted by my other skincare products and makeup.

I started to notice the impact of using this oil after a few days; my skin had a glow and radiance to it, my redness was reduced and I found that I had less breakouts and rosacea flare ups. For reference my skin is combination; I have an oily t-zone, dehydrated cheeks and my skin is incredibly sensitive. Despite that, my skin liked this oil a lot and I liked what this oil did for my skin. It's hydrating enough that I felt I didn't need to layer another moisturising product on top of it and as I said above, it really did give my skin a lovely, healthy glow that lasted throughout the day.

Well done, Voice of Nature, you've achieved what many oils have failed to do with my troublesome skin!

Voice Of Nature CBD Nature Miracle Face Oil is £19.95 per bottle.

You can check out their website here, follow them on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook.

*This post contains PR samples/gifted items, for my PR disclaimer, click here.



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