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Mighty Green CBD & Arnica Bliss Balm Review

Fun fact, I have weak ass ankles. One moment I'll be walking along minding my own business and then my ankle will roll for absolutely no reason. As time has gone by and the older I get (sometimes I feel like a grandma), when this happens, the pain increases and takes longer to settle.

Why am I telling you this tidbit of information? Because it happened last week and despite my best efforts to try and rest/heal, my ankle is having none of it.

Enter Mighty Green's CBD and arnica bliss balm.

With my ankle looking like a tennis ball and having turned a rather aggressive shade of purple, this balm really did provide bliss. It has a thick, creamy, butter like consistency but is easy to scoop out of the glass pot and spreads super easily once you start applying it to the skin. The formula contains shea butter and Argan oil which helps to moisturise the skin and most importantly contains 300mg of CBD and arnica.

CBD is well known for it's anti-inflammatory benefits and arnica is a traditional homeopathic remedy for reducing pain as well as joint pain and swelling (Stevinson et al. 2003). The combination of the these two ingredients are what makes this balm great at easing aches and pains as well as healing bruising. In all honesty, I do bruise like a peach and as a result of having hypothyroidism I know that it takes longer than the average person for said bruising to fade. However, I did find that the bruising on my ankle turned yellow much quicker than I had expected and I do attribute that to this balm.

In addition to using this on my ankle, I also applied it when my left ovary decided to kick off for no reason. This balm allowed my sharp, white hot pain in my pelvis to fade within 25 minutes and when applied regularly throughout the day it kept said pain under control so that I could function enough to see the day through.

Finally, this balm smells absolutely amazing. I think the mixture of orange and vanilla essential oils remind me of the summer and just makes using it an even more pleasurable experience.

Mighty Green CBD & Arnica Bliss Balm is £39 for a 30ml jar.

You can check out their website here or follow them on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter.

*This post contains PR samples/gifted items, for my PR disclaimer, click here.



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