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The Hempton Original 40mg CBD Patches Review

I have to say that CBD patches have become my new favourite way to get my daily dosage of CBD, especially at the moment when it seems I'm being plagued by brain fog constantly.

I was connected to The Hempton through a mutual acquaintance and ended up having a lovely in-depth conversation about how CBD and cannabis is becoming a more viable option for those of us who have gynaecological conditions. Following that, I was generously offered to try their original CBD patches to see how they could help ease my endometriosis and sciatica pain.

Each patch contains 40mg of CBD, making it the strongest CBD patch I've used to date. These patches are gluten, paraben, GMO and sulfate free as well as being vegan friendly and ethically sourced. Heat-activated, it is recommended to place the patch on an area with minimal hair and a high concentration of blood vessels (such as the upper arms, lower back or thighs) to allow the CBD to enter your system quicker. I tried all 3 of the aforementioned places but found these patches worked best on my lower back and therefore nearer to the epicentre of my pain.

Waterproof and hypoallergenic, the patches look like the blister plasters for your feet and are translucent. I will say they're quite big but as they're thin, they flex to your body as you move and they do stay in place even when bathing. I tried these over the course of a week where I was incredibly stressed at work had been flaring for a number of days and felt that a constant, consistent amount of CBD would be more beneficial that my usual twice a day with an oil.

And I have to say, I'm really thankful I listened to myself because these patches got me through it. Whilst they didn't remove my pain all together, they were enough to stop me from reaching for the over the counter painkillers and enough for me to get through the working day without collapsing in pain after being on my feet all day.

My sciatica pain become nothing more than a dull ache and the radiating pain I would usually have from my hips into my thighs stopped. During a bad flare I also usually experience shooting pains all around my ovaries and shooting pains in my rectum but these failed to come to fruition. If you suffer with high pain days, these are definitely worth a try and I loved that they consistently release the CBD over the span of 48 hours meaning you can put one on and not worry about it for 2 days.

The Hempton Original Patches are £33 for a pack of 4. You can check out their website here, and can follow them on Instagram. *This post contains PR samples/gifted items, for my PR disclaimer, click here.

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