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V&You &Chill CBD Pouches Review

Every once and awhile I come across a CBD product that is nothing like I've ever tried before and then I get super excited as I'm always on the hunt for CBD products to help my endometriosis (and other various ailments and illnesses). I've tried CBD gummies, chewing gum and chocolate but I've never seen - let alone tried - CBD pouches before.

I had high expectations considering I really enjoyed using their 400mg CBD oils and was intrigued to see how these tasted and if they helped me to become more chilled out.

So what an earth is a CBD pouch and how do you use it? As stated on their website, these CBD pouches are 'handy, compact pouches that you slip under your lip.' I suppose in a way the best way to think of them is like a piece of gum that you don't chew in the format of mini tea bag...Which I know sounds super weird. Each pouch contains 20mg of hemp derived CBD, are completely THC free and come in berry, mint, citrus and natural flavour.

Like their oils, these pouches taste great but I had to try really hard to not chew them, instead you hold these in between your teeth and cheek, kinda like a hamster would. This took some getting used to but wasn't a big issue. Once in place, a pouch will release it's CBD goodness for up to 45 minutes and works in a similar way to a tincture in that it quickly enters the bloodstream sublingually (under the tongue). I found that once in place, I felt the benefit of them after 20-25 minutes.

For the most part I used these while at work as they are a discreet way of gettIng CBD into your system over a sustained period of time, especially in comparison with gummies and/or other edibles which take longer to get into your system. I definitely was more chilled out as a result of using these and noticeably felt any tension in my body melt away as well as helping to reduce my stress levels if I was feeling overwhelmed.

I actually think that I prefer these to CBD gummies and will definitely keep a pot in my work bag for future use. Plus I liked that the pot these come in has a separate section for used pouches to be stored meaning I could bring them home and compost them!

V&You CBD Pouches contain 15 pouches and are £9.99 for 1 pack, £44.96 for 5 packs and £89.90 for 10 packs.

You can check out their website here, follow them on Instagram and/or Facebook.

*This post contains PR samples/gifted items, for my PR disclaimer, click here.

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